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The Temperature Control Fabric

Aug. 04, 2018

the fabric is the soul of clothing . As one of the three elements of clothing , fabrics can not only interpret the style and characteristics of clothing , but also directly affect the color and shape of the clothing performance results . so in the world people advocate that "life is sport" and of course it can not be  without sport swears in which  the choice of composite fabric is particularly  important .

Does "black technology" fabric that can control temperature really exist ?

In the face of the coming hot summer , the motherland will also open the" iron grill "mode.


Go for a walk and add cumin,

You can be a kebab in a minute ,

I am wearing flimsy , but I always feel the heat of the body,

   Day and night , I cant wait to be in a air-conditioned room  

But the air-conditioned is cold and I am afraid of getting diseases like fatigue , weakness, arthralgia, dizziness, irritation, dry skin.

You want a cool out this summer and don't want to get air-conditioned?

You want to dress comfortably , coolly and beautifully every day?

Don’t panic ! we have the solution!



The temperature control fabric (cool and warm feeling )

This intelligent temperature control fabric , using temperature adjustment (CTAC)finishing agent to set the critical temperature (here we set the temperature near25degree C) absorption.

The characteristics of the storing and releasing latent heat , when the ambient temperature is low, the internal temperature is automatically increased so as to maintain the comfort of the human body , reduce the temperature function of the body surface and achieve the best comfort temperature effect. That heat storage and heating finishing effects are non-irritant for the skin according to the standard of the GB18401. It is suitable for finishing textile of underwear , bedding and many others . it also has a stable thermal insulation, suitable temperature and comfortable feeling.

When the cold sensation heating auxiliaries collide with the fabric, there will be different sparks .this fabric is not just meant for summer , it will be suitable during all year . we share all of these with you because good things have to be shared .     



the effects we were talking about can be achieved by the back of the fabric , and the amount of is not required compared to the temperature control fiber it will be more cost-effective we also have to mention that the fabric choice is not limited .

if you haven’t got the new fabric let’s get started worry about the temperature!  

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